Grout Coloring, Colored Grout Sealer

Here at ACR we specialize in Grout Coloring. We are able to transform your grout by changing its color. We can custom match any color or you can chose from hundreds of colors available.

We specially prepare the grout to recieve the coloring by using our 3 step cleaning and etching process using our high powered cleaning equipment. Beware of the “Grout specialty company” that prepares your floor by spraying it with a squirt bottle and wiping it clean before applying the color sealer. This is a cheaper way of preparing the grout and has dismal results.

Here is a great example of a nice tile floor with a peach/pink colored grout. The peach grout color made the floor look dated. Originally this home owner recieved a quote from one of the “Grout specialty companies”. The “specialty” company started the job but walked off and told the home owner that their grout coloring product would not stick and that the tile would have to be replaced. We were able to first clean and etch the grout to accept the colored grout sealer with our powerful truck mounted high pressure, hot water cleaning system. The tile looks like new without the cost and mess of removing the grout and or the expense of replacing the tile floor. This colored tile sealer also resists staining and allows for easy cleaning for years to come. This 1800 Sq. Ft. house was completed in two days. You can choose from hundreds of colors. Call us to come out and show you what we can do to save your tile and grout with a free in home demonstration.